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Château Langoa & Leoville Barton

Grands crus classés en 1855 - Saint Julien


Château Langoa Barton

Tasting notes - 15 october 2011 Jacques BOISSENOT


This wine is still in the barrel, a promisingly powerful, generously built teenager. The top class oak dominates for the moment, with floral notes and a touch of acacia peeking through.
Perfect balance, full and lush, rounded off with long, tasty tannins.

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This vintage is a real celebration of the senses. The composition is rich, complex and opulent. Persistent aromatic notes of bluebells dance with perfumed hawthorn.
The body leaves nothing to be desired, revealing an assertive structure with tasty, almost mellow tannins and remarkable density.

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The rich crimson robe reflects the extraordinary ripeness of the harvest, fashioning this multi-facetted personality, this elaborate multi-coloured tapestry of a wine.
It offers a surprising freshness on the nose, where balsamic and dried citrus fruit aromas intermingle around a generous framework

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The expressive nature of the 2007 never ceases to enchant our taste buds. The pure diversity of the aromas is spellbinding : subtle notes of lilac blossom, hawthorn and honey.
The structure is plump and powerful, enhanced by the quality of the discreetly emerging tannins...

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The blood-red colour enrobes this apparently severe, almost strict wine that is typical of its vintage, a dark horse indeed, divulging a dovetailing of secret treasures within.
The nose reveals lemony notes mingling with peach blossom and hawthorn...

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This wine is a real mirror of its terroir, its refined aristocratic accent whispers of aromas fluttering in a whirlwind of sensations : freshly toasted bread, citrus, fruit stones.
The palate is rich and unctuous, seductively revealing, layer after layer, its volume, power, fullness and succulent sweet tannins.

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This talent of this vintage is to express the noble elegance of each of its components, exalting the complexity in the balance, the richness in the palette of flavours and the power in the tannins.
We slide through a universe of sensations : The vermilion colour, aromas of soot, fruit stones, and macerated fruits ...

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This vintage is a picture of generosity, a portrait of sensual delight, of silky serenity.
The nose tingles with aromatic herbs: wild thyme and Summer savory along with a touch of graphite.
The palate, with its deep, lingering flavours, is an accumulation of strength ...

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This wine offers a mosaic of contrasts, a kaleidoscope going from the voluptuous body to the smoothness of the tannins, from the velvety strength to a certain astringency that is well harnessed by the underlying oak.
On the nose, toasty notes permeate the dominant floral aromas. These same delicately nuanced aromas...

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The opulence of this vintage is already evident from its deep crimson colour and the exuberance of its rather impressive bouquet. Balsamic notes hailing from the oak, and then heavier notes reminiscent of plum and crystallized fruits emerge on the nose. In the palate the harmony is remarkable, the silky texture is underlined by ripe tannins that just roll over the tongue.

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A beautiful purpurin robe edged with ochre. The nose brings us the aromatic notes announcing that great grape variety, the Cabernet Sauvignon; discreet, almost humble at first, then suddenly fuller, more structured, enlacing touches of acacia flower, crumpled blackcurrant leaves and hawthorn...

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