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Château Langoa & Leoville Barton

Grands crus classés en 1855 - Saint Julien


Château Léoville Barton

Tasting notes - 15 october 2011 Jacques BOISSENOT


This vintage, still in its youth, eludes a warm, perfumed atmosphere reminiscent of linden blossom and bluebells. It’s just like biting into a fresh grape. This is a robust wine with deep, long flavours. There is nothing aggressive here, the silky, elegant, ever accessible tannins roll like marbles around the palate.

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The voluptuous silhouette of this wine proves it is the fruit of a sun-blessed vintage, yet with none of the excesses associated with this. The power is certainly present but not domineering thanks to the lively freshness and complexity; then the magic operates, the palate is ablaze with a myriad of sweet, toasty, tarry and spicy flavours.

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The purplish colour, the mingling aromas vying for attention, candied plums, apricot and spices, then fleshy, powerful, elegant, refined flavours, leave an overwhelming, impalpable sense of wonder. The sensations slide smoothly through to the palate into a world of silks and riches, with subtle, suave tannins ...

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This is a solid, powerful wine. The velvety softness of the oak dances on the tongue, the concentration goes crescendo, denser and denser, as the aromas of ripe fruit set off successive waves of persistent flavours, following through to the serenity of well-tamed tannins. A magical balance, giving us the impression of entering a sort of ...

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The first impression of severity here is due only to its youth. The components will soften with ageing. Meanwhile the profile that is developing shows a rich complexity, with aromas of fruit stones and cherry, highlighted by discreet hints of oak. In the palate, density and depth are the main character traits, with solid tannins and ...

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In this mythical vintage, the winemaker deftly played the hand that Mother Nature kindly dealt, obtaining a harmonious and elegant wine showing no heaviness. There is generous volume and roundness, and certainly no lack of complexity and finesse. Our senses tingle with sensations galore : a vintage that simply magnifies the ...

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Remarkable power exudes from the rich and complex structure here, all this embellished by aromatic notes of apricot and peach blossom. The steady, imposing framework upholds a marvellous diversity of flavours, with complex, almost voluptuous accents maintained by the perfectly ripe tannins.

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In this sun-gorged vintage the luminous purpurin robe reflects the qualities of the gravelly soil so favourable to Cabernet Sauvignon. The nose offers characteristic aromas of spices, plum and crystallized fruits. This powerful and harmonious wine joins the ranks of those great still-waters-run deep vintages we have known when ...

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Wonderful toasty, freshly ground coffee aromas on the nose. A round, voluptuous wine, leaving us with an indescribable sensation of serenity. Polished, suave, unctuous tannins, helped along by a hint of oak, introduce a long succession of persistent flavours, completing the sensual complexity of this vintage.

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Brilliantly asserting its youth, this wine with its deep vermilion colour offers a multitude of aromas going from mineral notes of cold ash to Mediterranean scrubland, underlined by well-integrated oak. In the mouth the tannins are very present, a guarantee of good ageing in the bottle, as, along with the delicious liquorice notes, they ...

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The sun has left its mark on this vintage, setting off aromas like sparks: all sorts of floral, balsamic and spicy smells, each more precise and expressive than the last. In the palate, the full, plump, dense body leaves us with an impression of tenderness, of generosity. A harmonious, complex and well-structured wine with a ...

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